Baltic FurFloat @ Silja Serenade 18. sept - 21. sept 15

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Baltic FurFloat @ Silja Serenade 18. sept - 21. sept 15

av Wolfbreath » 24 jun 2015, 21:53

Välkommen till traditionellt FurFloat Cruise HKI-STO-HKI-STO med Silja fartyg; 18.-21. sept 2015

My written swedish is so bad; i'll continue på engelska - I know you all can...

So - another year, another adventure at Silja Serenade. There are already about 50 furries from Finland pre-announced for. We are expecting visiting furries from Estonia and Russia with us - this will be an exciting journey!

The rules are simple: We finns, 'stonies and russkies start from Helsinki at 17:00, 18.9. And we'll party along, arriving Stockholm about 9.00, 19.9. - We'll spend the day at Stockholm, preferred to meet local furries, spend time together with whatever you will and can do, everything optional - and those who dare, can join us to the ship, leaving saturday 16:45 towards the east: Helsinki. Then we all can party more together. We will arrive to Helsinki about 10:00 sunday morning - We finns and our visitors will leave the ship - and You have a day to spend enjoying Helsinki city offerings. You'll return back to home at evening; Ship leaves the port at 17:00 Helsinki time sunday - you will have more party time there - and will arrive to Stockholm 9:30, 21.9. monday morning.

Note: Fursuiting *IS* allowed at cruise; staff is already informed.

Booking for cruise:

With all questions about the cruise: mailto: yrttiaho.annina [at] (Rimawolf)
Facebook: Annina Yrttiaho
I can only please one person per day. This is not Your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good, either.
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Re: Baltic FurFloat @ Silja Serenade 18. sept - 21. sept 15

av Fredrix » 11 sep 2015, 13:40

There, now me and Motaro, Xan and Remmy are booked to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm and then onboard.

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