Baltic FurFloat @ Silja Serenade 15. sept - 18. sept 17

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Baltic FurFloat @ Silja Serenade 15. sept - 18. sept 17

av Wolfbreath » 23 maj 2017, 23:49

Ni är hjärtligt välkomna till traditionellt FurFloat Cruise HKI-STO-HKI-STO med Silja fartyg; 15.-18. sept 2017 (åldersgräns 18)

My written swedish is so bad; i'll continue på engelska - I know you all can...

So - YET another year, YET another adventure at Silja Serenade. There will be more than 90 furries from Finland, for sure. This is an open call for all furries around the pond.

The rules are simple: We finns, maybe 'stonies and russkies start from Helsinki at 17:00, 15.9. And we'll party along, arriving Stockholm about 9.00, 16.9. - We'll spend the day at Stockholm, preferred to meet local furries, spend time together with whatever you will and can do, everything optional - and those who dare, can join us to the ship, leaving saturday 16:45 towards the east: Helsinki. Then we all can party more together. We will arrive to Helsinki about 10:00 sunday morning - We finns and our eastern visitors will leave the ship - and You have a day to spend enjoying Helsinki city offerings with or without us. You'll return back to home at evening; Ship leaves the port at 17:00 Helsinki time sunday - you will have more party there - and You will arrive to Stockholm 9:30, 18.9. monday morning.

Note: Fursuiting *IS* allowed at cruise; staff is already informed.

Booking for cruise:
I can only please one person per day. This is not Your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good, either.
Ava by Zer. FCWs4as A- C+ D H++ M- P+++ R+ T++ W Z- Sm++ RLCT/RB a++ cbm++$ d+ e+ f- h-- iw+++ j+ p+ sm**

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